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Give Blessings
Start giving out silent blessings to others and your negative feelings will begin to go away.
Think of it this way: Life is reflected back to you like a mirror. If you send out negative vibes, these vibes will bounce right back to you. In the same way, if you think negatively about someone, then s/he probably feels negatively about you! Instead of projecting negative feelings, give out silent blessings. You'll feel better about the people in your life and begin to live a more positive life.
- CG, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

This program is tough - We know! Here are some tips:  







Invest in some disposable food containers and zip lock type baggies. Regular and freezer.
PLAN the entire week menu before the week starts and buy only what you need for the week. Better yet, include your grocery store weekly circular and shop around their healthy specials.
Wash produce the day it is brought home. Chop it up and it will be ready when you need it.
On Sunday, we cook our meals for the week. That way, the food is right there ready to eat! No Excuses! (See Food Safety for storage times)
Rice and wheat bread don't have to be the only carb! Consider low GI fruit, like pears!
To save money on meat, consider purchasing a bone-in turkey breast or small 3-4 pound fryer chicken (peel off the skin). There is enough meat on the turkey breast to make authorized enchiladas, turkey soup, pita pizzas and a couple of turkey sandwiches. If you have a crock pot, toss in a couple of cups of baby carrots, 1 medium onion quartered, & 1 cup of water. Lay fryer on top and sprinkle with salt, pepper & basil. Turn on low (8-10 hours) and dinner is ready when you get home, plus lunch the next day. (and after the first 97 or so dry heaves, picking the meat off the bone isn't that bad!)
We tossed or donated anything that was not 'Authorized' by the Body-for LIFE program. Out of sight, Out of mind, OUT OF MOUTH!
Invest in some quality spices. Our favorites are garlic pepper, oregano, basil, cayenne, cumin, cilantro, Butter Buds and white pepper.
Fat free cheese?! Ew. Spray with a little bit of cooking spray. It will behave more like full fat cheese when melting.
Cravings? Add a tablespoon of natural peanut butter to a chocolate shake or a 1/2 cup of frozen fruit to vanilla or strawberry shakes. Keep track of the extra carbs!
Ok, this is not on the authorized foods list, but I chewed peppermint gum or popped tic-tacs for 3 weeks. They have some calories and sugar, so be careful.
Another way we curb those evil cravings is to add some lemon juice to our water. The sour taste cancelled out the sweet craving!
If you use shakes, get a shaker bottle with a screen. They cost about $5 and the screen breaks up the powder so you aren't swallowing chunks. 



    Sore Muscles from Working Out = Good Pain;
    Heart Attack  = Bad Pain!
Change your routine every 4 weeks.
If you have never done anything to an exertion point --- START SLOWLY. Try 1 minute on the treadmill adding a minute each session. Start with really light weights or Thera Bands. You will probably think "a minute, no problem." GREAT - Think that! Then 2 minutes will be a breeze, then 5, then 10. In to time you'll be up to 20 minutes. 
Invest in or borrow a portable CD or tape player and play music you find uplifting. 
If training at a gym, become familiar with the location of the machines/weights you will be using. Plan your session based on these locations. Try to stay in the same general area if you can.
Is someone else using a machine/weight you need? Ask if you can work-in. Most people in the gym are nice.
Have a back-up exercise for that muscle group if they aren't nice.
Take your time during the motion of the exercise.
If it hurts in a 'functional' sort of way - don't do it. I mean if you injured your shoulder and it hurts to add weight, find another exercise or visit a physical therapist.
Use correct form. If you are unable to maintain correct form for all reps, go down on the weight.
Feeling like you don't want to train today? Call someone, read a muscle magazine, review your goals, call EAS (yes, there really is someone there to help! We've called!)!
Keep your workouts fun! Dread the bike? Try swimming. 



Think you don't have time? Give this a thought: We spend most of our day doing for other people. We get up and go to work for someone else, even if in business for ourselves. Why not take the 24 hours we are given and set aside 1 hour for ME? It will do wonders!
Plan your 12 weeks ahead of time. Use a calendar and note what days you will do what training. Mark your goals on that same calendar. (ex, by May 31st, I want to weigh x, or by the 8th week I will do one chin up)
You must be honest with yourself. 
If you think you can't, you won't. Change the way you think. I know, it sounds impossible, but it's not! Your body will do whatever you tell it.
Don't beat yourself up if you miss a training session or eat something you shouldn't have eaten. Do, however, make a note of it in your training journal, accept it, and keep going. Don't quit!!!!!!
Stay positive!
Celebrate small triumphs! 1 pound less on that scale, making it through a workout or sticking to your meal menu for one day are things to celebrate!
Review your goals regularly.
Write down your goals. You are more likely to honor your promises if you see them in writing instead of keeping them in your head.
Feel like giving up? Reach down and grab that spare tire or extra thigh luggage ..... Feels nice - all that excess squishing around in your hand. Better yet, jump up and down a few times and see how long it takes to stop jiggling! (ha ha) One thing is guaranteed - if you quit, you won't see results, ever.



Ladies: if there is a certain time of the month where you feel particularly bloated, crabby, etc., Do Not make that the beginning of your Challenge since the end of your Challenge will also be around that same time.
Get your body fat percentage checked regularly and do the math. 
It takes approximately 3500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat.
If you don't workout today or eat that candy bar, will you meet your goals?
Tell someone else your goals.
Check your weight 1 time per week. Healthy weight loss is between 1-2 pounds per week. You won't see any change by weighing yourself daily. The scale is not a good measure of success.
Take that 'before' picture, and post it everywhere! 
Follow exactly what Bill tells you to do on his website and in his book. That information coupled with your desire to change will change your life!
Visit created by John P. Hussman, Ph.D., MSEd. and endorsed by Bill Phillips. John explains WHY this program works and has a GREAT Q&A page!