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Here are links to other motivational sites.

Body-for-LIFE home page  

John P. Hussman, Ph.D., MSEd. - explains why BFL works and has many, many helpful tips, including a weekly e-newsletter. - track your progress on-line FREE! This site calculates food values (calories, protein, carbs, etc.), goals and weight loss.

Body-for-LIFE Community - additional resource for support and encouragement.

Body Changers - before and after photos and success stories. You will need Realplayer to hear the interviews.

Body For Life Diaries - One woman's mission to lose the weight! WOW! She posts a daily diary of what she eats and how she exercises. - a helpful resource. Talk to a certified fitness pro or browse research library. Topics include 'motivation', 'pregnancy', 'injury' etc. Also sells fitness products from inversion tables to supplements.

Lean and Strong - another site with before and after photos. Some links do not work, but the site is still very informative.

Shawna - She's just starting her Challenge and also posts updates on her progress. Let's give her our support!

Chad - Guys, since Paul won't post a daily journal, here's a guy who will! 

Body-for-LIFE 2 - more before/after picts, BFL guidelines and tips & tricks.

Carb Glycemic Index food ranks. Carbs with a GI below 60 are best. Find out which ones make the cut.

Fat Track II Digital Calipers - $31.99 + $6.95 s/h. (New customers take 15% off - coupon code NC2000) Located in CA.


Misc. Stuff I've Found Helpful


Pop-up-Blocker - freeware. Make sure you read the instructions on how to un-block certain pop-ups. I found this through Cnet.

Clueless Mailer - Spam research. Blacklist of domains and/or their clients who refuse to secure recipients' permission before sending advertising email. Clueless Mailer solely responsible for site content.

310online - a truly 'natural' body shop. I love this stuff!

 Free Club for Mom - they send you a treat in the mail when you join.

Free language translation. English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese. Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese to English.

1-888-5-Opt-Out: stop your credit info from being obtained through credit reporting agencies by solicitors! 

Math refresher - Free demo lessons.

Netflix - I was skeptical about on-line movie rental, but they have so much more than the video store - all the IMAX films, "8 Minute Abs", concerts, cirque du soleil and the cartoons that I remember! No more drawing straws for who's returning movies Sunday night! - Ever received an email warning about a new virus? Check this site before you panic. 

Whiplash articles. IME information.

Whiplash 101 - Loads of information regarding chronic pain.






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