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Body for LIFE Challenge

Before (June): Sharen at 165 lbs. (depending which scale!) with 38% body fat and a size 14. Paul at 215 lbs. and a 38 waist. 


After (September): Sharen with 25% body fat, size 8 and 138 lbs. (gym scale) Paul at 194 lbs. and a 34 inch waist.



When we first posted a guest book entry on the Body for Life website after our  Challenge, we received hundreds of emails from many of you just like we were. We sincerely hope you stick with this program because it really does change the person you are inside and out!

After our son was born, we were surfing the Internet for 'free stuff' and came across a link for a free fitness video. Well, since I had gained almost 50 lbs. with my son and only about 30 of it had come off since his birth, I was in need of a free fitness video! I followed the link to the Body for Life site. I told my husband about it and that weekend we bought the book; read it cover to cover. One thing was for certain; we were not going to look like any of those 'after' shots if we maintained our current, less than ideal lifestyle.

I was in a car accident while pregnant and that has left me with chronic pain and limitation in my neck and back. That obstacle coupled with having a newborn were our biggest hurdles. Of course if we had 20 spare minutes - WE WANTED SLEEP! But, we made it through the  Challenge and you can see the results of our efforts.

12 weeks are going to pass whether you do something or not!

Never Forget 9/11/2001

This is a free site. If you gain something of value from this site, please help a child. Please donate to a local children's charity. Blessings from our family to yours.

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