BFL 4 Week Pep Talk




4-Week Pep Talk










In the past year since I posted this site, I have received hundreds of frantic emails from BFL'ers around the world in and around their 4th week of the program. Our fellow fitness newbies have obviously scoured over every single website for answers to the most common bewilderment: 'Why don't I see any results? I'm doing everything in the book, by the book!' So, I find it appropriate to post my 4-week feelings about my own program in hopes to relieve a bit of this 4-week freak out stress. This is my page and I'm giving my 2 cents worth! Take it or leave it!

My 4 Week Update: My scale weight is a little bit down and so are most of my measurements. The pictures don't look any different to me, other than my left shoulder seems to be coming back down to Earth. So far, I have not cheated nor have I missed a workout. This is a vast improvement over my first Challenge when I sneaked chocolate bars for the first 3 weeks. Yes, there have been days I didn't want to get up and train either because of pain, sleep depravation or sore muscles. I'm slowly getting into this routine, but still find it challenging to stay on course with so many outside influences, like traffic, endless doctor appointments, and parental duties. Sure, I thought I'd be farther along. I'd love to have dropped 15 pounds already! However, that isn't realistic. What's done is done and I'm not going to waste the last 4 weeks by giving up. Now it's time to reflect on these past 4 weeks and make some changes. If I want better results, I'm going to have to work a little harder. What? I've been working as hard as I can? No, girl, you haven't. There is always room for improvement; going up in weight or intensity. I've kept a journal and on the days where I meet all my goals, I feel great. When I don't I feel awful. So, in the coming weeks, I'll be changing my weight routine, adding supplements, working harder to stick my routine. I'll be reviewing my menu and honestly evaluating what goes in my body, via mouth and mind.

From me to YOU: 

How many years have you been on this planet? _____. 

How many of those years have been about treating your body right? _____. 

Do you really think you'll be an 'after' photo in just 4 short weeks? _____.


My point here is this new lifestyle takes time. I'm afraid there is no 'magic dust' anyone can sprinkle over your head. There is no pill, video, or person other than yourself that can make you do this. The magic has to come from within you. And that, too, takes time. That's why the BFL program talks about Mental Strength. It's about changing your mind. 


There is more to evaluate at this point than the exercise, supplementation and eating portion of the program. Sure it is all important, but how do you feel? How do you talk to yourself? Treat yourself? It might sound silly, but adults need positive reinforcement, too. Now, I'm not any kind of therapist, but we all know that children perform better when they are in a positive environment. Are you?


For instance, if someone you know was working really hard at this program and you said to them "Hey, you still look really fat. Maybe you should quit trying." That person would be deeply crushed. Some might take it as motivation, but think about someone saying that to you. Now, if someone said "Wow, you are really starting to slim down! You look great!" would that give you the boost you need to really slam out that next workout??? Instead of thinking "I can't wait for this workout to be over" or "I really hate this exercise" or "I'm not seeing any results" try flipping those thoughts to "I know I'll feel better once my workout is over", "If I want that 'after' picture, I've got to finish this exercise", and "I sure feel better and that's progress!" 


What motivates me works for me. Your homework is to find your personal source of motivation. Some ideas: your kids, a relationship, a secret desire to be on the cover of a fitness magazine, a reunion, a picture of someone you want to look like, a role model. When you THINK you can't go another second, tap into that motivational source. Focus. Remember how you felt when you first desired whatever it is. 


4 weeks is nothing in the scope of our lifetime. Give yourself credit for coming this far, change is difficult! It does get easier, if you want it to. That's the magic dust - it is all about YOU. How badly do YOU want it?


There! My 2 cents worth, actually it was free! Chin up! Journal out! Pen ready! Let's plan those next 4 weeks!!! YOU are awesome and don't stop believing in your dreams!!